A Proud Legacy

Venini is part of the Glen Dimplex Group, which was founded in 1973 and holds significant market positions in the domestic appliance industry worldwide.

Glen Dimplex remains privately owned and finances its ongoing expansion from its own resources. Fundamental to its success, is a policy of continuous investment in building brands, constant product innovation and providing its customers with the products which they aspire to have. Venini, as one of these brands, takes pride in the quality and integrity of its products.

At Venini, our focus is to build reliable, good quality, user-friendly and easy to use features into our product. Our heritage in the appliance space and a strong background in the hardware and commercial builder space has allowed us to establish our customer-oriented, well-designed and well-featured appliances at the right entry price point.

Our products are sourced from world class suppliers, with supply chains that reach Asia and Europe. These relationships ensure the best features are available to you - placing reliability, safety and customer service at the centre of our company mission.

You can rest assured of the quality and thought that goes into building each Venini appliance.

Venini - Looks Good, Cooks Good